College of Rehabilitation & Communication Sciences
We Are Changing Lives

Independence. Connection. Acceptance. While many of us may take these things for granted, students in the College of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences know how challenging some of these things are to obtain. They dedicate their lives to creating new possibilities for their patients and clients.


You have seen these new doors be opened in your own career. You helped somebody walk again, safely get behind the wheel, interact in the community, or re-engage with their family. You understand the difference these students will make in the lives of others.


That’s why today we’re asking you to help future generations of students who want to be just like you. They want to change lives. We’re asking you to help change their lives. Your donations to the Dean’s Excellence Fund support student scholarships, provide access to clinics, and help to maintain equipment.


We are giving you several choices to show your support.Give to the professional program of your choice, or choose one of the funds named in honor of special individuals who have changed our lives.We are engaging in some good-natured competition among our programs.Dean Kangas has offered $1,000 in prize money to the programs based on the funds they raise.


Join us. Help us in changing lives, for our patients, for our professions, for our students.


As one client of the Fluency Disorders Clinic said,

“If I had known the things that I would have gone through during this clinic beforehand I never would have went. Now that I’ve been through it, there’s nothing you could have done to stop me from attending. It’s changed my life.”

Changing Lives Around the World!
Rank State Gifts
1 ID 43
2 UT 5
3 CA 4
Speech Pathology $1,000 match
Thank you!
$1,000 MATCHED
CRCS Dean's Challenge
Dean Kangas pledges $1,000 in prizes to the programs. $500 goes to the program that raises the most money; $200 goes to each of the #2 and #3 programs; $50 goes to each of the #4 and #5 programs that raise at least $50.
Rank Prize CRCS Program Leader Board Raised
1 $500 Speech-Language Pathology Program $1,425.00
2 $200 Audiology Program $1,250.00
3 $200 Physical Therapy Program $415.00
4 $50 Occupational Therapy Program $140.00
5 $50 Sign Language Interpreting Program $100.00
ICCU College Leaderboard Challenge
Thank you Idaho Central Credit Union!
Rank Prize Department Gifts
1 $1,000 College of Education 135
2 $500 College of Arts & Letters 127
3 $250 College of Rehabilitation & Communication Sciences 82
4 College of Technology 58
5 College of Business 50
6 College of Science and Engineering 36
7 College of Health Professions 26
8 College of Pharmacy 24
9 College of Nursing 19
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