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Medical Missions and Study Abroad Creates New Perspectives

“This experience was very humbling to see how the Peruvian people lived and how hard they worked. It was amazing to work and serve with a team of health professionals and doctors.” –Kizzy, Radiographic Science Student

For the past several years, students and faculty in the College of Health Professions have been traveling to other parts of the world on medical missions and to experience other cultures. While other students might use their spring break to relax, students in the Health Professions spend their time providing service to those who need medical help. 


One of the patients they helped this year was an 11 year old boy who had a blast injury to his left hand. The team of medical professionals and students helped give him the ability pinch his finger together again. You can help students treat patients like this little boy!


These trips provide students with an international experience that stimulates student’s interest and desire to learn about the practice of Health Care, while engaging them in the culture, customs, and spirituality of people in other countries.


While these experiences provide tremendous learning experiences, students have to find funding for these trips on their own. That equals $3,500 for a student to have this invaluable experience. Today, we’re asking you to support these student international experiences.


Will you support the life changing experiences students receive and provide on these trips? 

College of Health Professions Donor Map
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1 ID 25
2 SC 1
3 AA 0
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1 $1,000 College of Education 135
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