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Our goal is to provide quality public radio for the ISU Campus and surrounding communities, by carrying a diverse selection of talk, music and news programs to enrich our listening audience. We also aim to provide real-world broadcasting experience for students attending ISU.


In order to fund the wonderful programming you enjoy on a daily basis, we need your supportHere are some things we have been able to accomplish at KISU FM 91 because of your pledges:

  1. Introduced new programming this year.
  2. Continued our programs and our women's sports coverage. Friends & families of our great athletes use KISU FM 91 & as their ears to keep up on their Bengal games.
  3. Upgraded our Emergency Alert Equipment to help keep you safe and aware as you listen to KISU FM 91.
  4. Upgraded our studio time system for accuracy in the broadcasts.
  5. Put in a secure local computer network for our studios.

We carefully use the donations to improve for you!  We have many other exciting things needing your help.  As you donate, let us know if there is a need you would like to see your donation go to at KISU FM 91.



KISU Listeners around the world.
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2 OR 1
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