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Bengals do science and learn with museum collections. Whether examining artifacts to map ancient ecosystems or analyzing fossils to guide future conservation efforts, students and faculty count on our extensive and diverse artifact collections to help them uncover mysteries about evolution, ecology, and human behavior. 


It’s a tradition that began in 1934 and a story of individuals who long ago understood the need to discover, collect, conserve, interpret and exhibit objects of inestimable value and of individuals today who reveal the unique stories of Idaho through science and education. 


From the early excavation of the original Fort Hall site, to donated bird and plant specimens, the IMNH collections now hold a tangible record of Idaho’s journey through time.  Today we employ state-of-the-art cataloging and preservation methods of 1.6 million specimens in Earth Science, Life Science and in our Anthropology collections.  By preserving this vital record of Earth’s environments and peoples, we’re ensuring that generations of future Bengals can visit these treasures of the past to investigate, document, and expand on our collective knowledge.


Your gift ensures that Bengals can keep researching these incredible collections—gaining new insights that will help us build a more resilient future.  Help support Bengals doing science in the IMNH collections today! Make your gift now.

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